Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Truth tO Be Told

I Don't Know What To Call It.

I Don't Know WhAt My Heart Is Trying To Say.

I Don't Know What To Do.

My Heart's Saying

I Miss You.

But My Mind Is Saying I Don't.

I Never Felt This Way Before You Came In aNd Changed My Life.

Now You're Gone.

I Don't Have A Life anYmore.

I Guess I Do Miss You?

Monday, June 29, 2009

~i'm anGry~

I’m angry because you pursued me relentlessly and told me you wanted me
to be your girlfriend.

I’m angry because I learned you did that with others while we were still


I’m angry because you lied when you told me you weren’t attracted to girl I

later learned you screwed.

I’m angry because I can’t tell you how angry I am.

I’m angry that it makes me hurt when I see, hear or write your name – even

when it isn’t you who’s being referred to.

I’m angry that you led me to believe you wanted a life with me.

I’m angry that I can’t just come over your place when I feel like it.

I’m angry that you would probably let me if I wanted and that I have to resist.

I’m angry because I can’t talk to you.

I’m angry because I’m lonely and you have several lovers vying for your


I’m angry that I don’t know exactly when you began disregarding my feelings.

I’m angry that I don’t know what things you said were true and which were

I’m angry you never tried.

I’m angry I liked you so much in the beginning – or was so excited that
someone attractive and interesting wanted to spend time with me that I
ignored warning signs.

I’m angry it took a year to find someone so easy to be around – and I’m
afraid it may be even longer until I do again.

I’m angry I fell in love with you.

I’m angry because I don’t have a crush on anyone right now.

I’m angry because I haven’t been happy for months.

I’m angry I can’t just make things right.

I’m angry when strangers in stores or on the street tell me to “smile.”

I’m angry that you are having fun and not suffering like I am.

I’m angry that I’m jealous of whoever’s in your life now.

I’m angry that when I suggested that you take some time to be single, you
emphatically said you didn’t want that and were happy with our relationship.

I’m angry that I believed for so long that you loved me.

I’m angry I haven’t moved on.

I’m angry that I feel like crying right now.

I’m angry because I can never have a truly honest conversation with you.

I’m angry because I have to avoid you.

I’m angry that it hurts when I see things you would like or be interested in –
or when I hear someone else talk about them.

I’m angry there are so many of those things.

I’m angry that I don’t have someone telling me that I’m sexy.

I’m angry I shared so many personal secrets and fears with you.

I’m angry that I don’t really know you at all

I’m angry because others knew about your behavior before I did.

I’m angry I will never know how much meaning our relationship had for you.

I’m angry because I will never know how you really felt about me.

I’m angry because I still think of you.

seLamaT uLang taHun saYang

Yang tulus ikhlas
Ingin sekali sekala dirinya dibalas
Walau hanya dengan dakapan di angin lalu

Yang selalu memberi
Ingin sekali sekala jadi penerima
Cukup dengan salam dan manis doa

Aku ingin kau merasakan hebatnya cinta
Dan leburkan saja serpihan calar derita

Selamat ulang tahun sayang
Kini kau bersayap, pergilah terbang
Rentaslah langit cita cita mu
Harap nanti kita ‘kan bertemu

Selamat ulang tahun sayang
Janganlah engkau tak terbang pulang
Ku nanti penuh kerinduan
Selamat tinggal, selamat jalan

Aku hanya inginkan engkau setia
Kerana setia yang mencipta bahagiamu

brEak uP LettEr

Why do you still care for a man who obviously doesn’t care for

Accept the fact that the relationship is over, and we will not be
getting back together again.

Maintain No Contact, and do not check up on him, if you want to
avoid pain.

Why keep pining for a man, who has already forgotten about you.

You are better than that. You are going to push yourself to be
the best girl ever and not let this define who you are.

You are young and you will experience so much more in life.

The relationship is over. Accept it or keep this feeling away. He
is not coming back. Listen to all your girl friends’ experiences,
when a relationship is over…its over. What’s the use of looking
back? What will that do for you?

He doesn’t care for you anymore. He doesn’t think of you
anymore. He’s not made one ounce of an effort to see how you
are. You are not even in his mind…so why should you keep
letting him into yours?

The past is gone. You must look towards the future. What type
of girl will you be. Build yourself up with life experiences.

In the grand scheme of things, this pain is small….and
something you will get over. In time this shall pass. Don’t dwell on
something which will do no good.

He doesn’t think of you as a looser or a bad person, just
someone that he didn’t work out with. But…remember, the
relationship is over. It’s something that will never happen again.

Don’t keep feeling for a man that doesn’t have any feelings for
you. That’s illogical and insane.

He doesn’t care for you. He could care less if you disappeared
into nothing. And that should drive you to push your feelings for
him away.

It is over. There is no chance at reconciliation. It is gone. He is
a stranger now.


Are your words

That contradicts all your actions

Are your eyes

That pretends to understand & see

Are the vows

You defaced and discarded

Are your promises

Delivered to me with no intent

Are your arms

That pulled me in and then pushed me away

Are your feelings

That are shallow and forged

Are your apologies


Are the sweet talks

That echoes the words of each previous one

Are the tomorrows

Which you unfaithfully stripped away from me

Is the heart and soul of the man that

Maliciously deceived, betrayed, dishonored, and callously

held my heart, soul, respect, and unconditional love.