Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm standing on the edge of the clifftop
Looking out over the sea,
Thinking of the places that I have been
And the places where you could be.
I looked everywhere I could think of,
Searched all over the town
In every nook and cranny and alleyway,
But you were nowhere to be found.
And it ain't easy being lonely,
It's a hard, hard lesson to learn.

The wind's making my eyes water,
Or is it the tears that I spill?
So salty like the spray from the sea,
Where they merge, it's hard to tell.
But they're both so cold on my weary face
And they both sting my eyes with pain,
And they both hold on to the memories
Of a love that I threw away.
And it ain't easy being lonely
And it ain't easy getting through this day.

As I listen to yesterday's echoes
That resound the rage that we roared,
My heart threatens to stop beating
And I don't want to live anymore.
The roar of the surf mocks my living,
It seems to be inviting me in.
To sink to the bottom of it's deepest depth
Never to be seen again.
And it ain't easy being lonely
When your mind is void of all reason.

I'll give it one last try on my cell phone
In the hope that you will answer my call,
For only your voice can save me now,
I'm swaying and about to fall.
It seems to be ringing forever
When a voice speaks into my ear,
"The person you are calling is unavailable now",
And I realize the worst of my fears.
And it ain't easy being lonely
When you're flying through the air.

tHe one wHo loveS yOu

The one who loves your heart,
The one who still believes,
with kept promises and .....
Souls released.

The one who knows,
Real name of love...
Still never asks and...
waits a while for your smile.

The one far behind but
Walking.... for you
You made the distance,
though he loves it,
with no regretting instance.

The one with such a tough heart,
the one with no tears left,
loves you the same,
as he used to...

The one who never falls,
The one with dreams around,
loves you the most,
though someone better you found.

The one with real pain,
The one who never gained,
The one with only love,
For you.... and always remains...