Monday, December 8, 2008

No One Can Judge A Heart In Love

No one can judge a heart in love,

for love separates the heart from mind.

The heart and mind are the opposition,

a constant battle of right and wrong.

Should I do this? Should I walk away?

Too many questions formed without answers.

I think i want to tell you

I think theres something
i think i want to tell you
but something holds me back
i don’t know what tao do
sometimes i cry
because you make me so happy
whenever we say goodbye
i just want to tell you
what i want to say
but I’m scared
and something tells me to wait

this voice says “be patient
the right moment will come
it will not be long”
this voice says “just wait
he will say it with meaning
when the right time comes
and then you will know what to do
when he looks you in the eyes
and says i love you”

Two hearts that beats as one

I’ve opened up my heart to your gentle touch
and created my universe in your eyes
Every day you demonstrate the divinity of life
That reveals every moment of our lives
This atmosphere of lasting passion and love
Your surprises, small things that hold the most meaning,
A small bag of chocolate kisses by my purse with
Your note saying the real one awaits me tonight
But my favorite is the most touching, the long
Stemmed red rose left by my keys to remind me
That I hold the “key’ to your heart
You’re extremely loving, you told me daily,
Infact often several times a day how much you love me
I feel very loved, cherished and treasured
In my heart you’ve been engraved deep within, And you’ll be there for

biT mY toNguE

I catch myself about to say
how much I love you and I bit my tongue
because I know it’s to soon
to feel that strongly but I some how do.

I just want you to talk to me talk to me talk to me
again & again, I just want it to never end
I miss you every singe moment your away
I wish I could be at your side every day

I listen to that song over & over again because of you
you are the reason for some much in my life
for all this little things i do to remind myself of you
not that I could ever really stop thinking of you
your always in the back of my mind
you will be there till the day I die, till the end of time

I bit my tongue and I decided not to say it yet
I know its to soon to say
I feel that strongly about you yet
instead I just set as close as I can to you
you run your hand up my leg
till the chair edge gets in you way

but before you had to stop there I had to bit my tongue
to keep from telling you every thing to wanted to
but one day when the time is right
when its know longer to soon
ill tell you everything I want to hear from you today.

i wOndEr

I wonder if anyone notices
Cause I try so hard to hide
I wonder if he knows how much I hurt inside
I wonder what he would say
If I should tell him today

I’ve hurt before but not this way
With every look he gives me
It hurts more and more

I wonder if they can see
Just how much he means to me
Still after all this time I wonder
Could he love me

I never cry like I do when I’m around him
With every silent moment we share
I die inside a little bit more

I wonder if they even care
That it hurts more then I can bare
I wonder how he feels with me here
Can he see the hidden tears

I wonder

I love You Even after everything you’ve done

After all this time you’ve hurt me so much
But i still long for the smallest of your touch
I cant bare it the way you always lead me on
How would it make you feel if you woke up one day and i was gone

The pain still hurts me
i dont understand how you cannot see
I thought we were meant to be
But all you ever want is me to be one of three

I cant take this pain any more
either choose me or leave me on the floor
Ill let th tear run down my face
And leave with leaving a trace.

I love you
and everything you do
It has always been true
Your voice helps cut through
All the pain which was caused by you.

~a LittLe sHorT poEm~

I liked you
and gave you my all
my heart was broken before
now its here
cracked on the floor
I truly thought maybe for you
I could be different
grow feelings or start to care
but nothing changed
and your heart isn’t there
I gave you every part of me
I went further than ever
hoping to change your mind
to be together
But to you it didn’t matter
I’m just another
and you wont remember
Its sad to know I gave that part of me away
just to be with you
if only for a day
Now all I have is shame
and its not your fault
it is only mine to blame

~It wAsN’t iNteNdEd 2 bE tHiS wAy~

It was never intended for me to fall for you,
It was completely out of my control,
And I’ve tried to let go of you but its too hard,
And now I’m missing you like crazy,
If I could tell you how I feel,
Believe me I would,
I would tell you that your always on my mind,
But believe me it’s too hard,
Because often the things that mean the most are the hardest to say.

~nO oNe sEe’S thE paIn~

Everyday i act like I’m OK with the fact of not being able to see you anymore,
but it hurts more than anything.

I used to think that we would end up together no matter what, but lately I’m not so sure.

I can’t think of one person who isn’t trying to tear us apart and make sure that we never end up together.

No one wants me with you, they think you will hurt me, but i truly don’t see it!!

They think that your the reason I cry….and you are but thats only cause i can’t be with you, touch you, hold you.

They don’t know that they are the ones hurting me! and Ive been hurt so much before that.

Its like nothing can go right in my life, i can never have what i truly want and Love!!

Thats life i guess!

Yeah i know this isn’t a poem or anything, i just felt like writing down how i felt!! It helps sometimes!

~seCreT sHadoW~

There you’re pretending not to care, oh if like you don’t notice me standing there. With my hand out and my heart waiting, for your love I am becoming impatience.

Teasing me with your presents, let me see life without a heaven. There you’re saying we could never work, making me know what you were really worth.

Memories don’t fade and for your touch this absent heart waits. Trying not to show you it in pain, feeling abandon in left out in the rain.

True you may not know me but I know you, I that shadow that keep on following you, knowing your dos and don’ts, but yet even sometime a shadow feels alone.

Watching you give your heart to others, loving you even when your giving comfort to another. I guess you don’t see these tears, maybe you do but your conscience allow you ignore how much I need you.

When I am sleep you’re in my dreams needing me just the same, kissing me like have kiss no others holding on to me like a child holds on to their mother. Making the stars shine brighter making the load that life offer seems a little lighter .

Oh how I wish that dreams didn’t have to end, because only in them you see me as more than a friend. You would’ve notice that have change my hair, and this silly red lipstick that my lips wear. Oh how I like to play the blues, and nibble at my food to leaner the time I have with you.

There you’re pretending not to care, oh how I wish you would notice me there, maybe one day you will fall on your shadow, and look back down it’s me, and say shadow I love you and thanks for following me .

~i cAn neVeR Let iT sHow~

All thats left to do
Is forget about the past
But I cant forget you
I dont want the misery to last
So I get up
Get dressed
I PRETEND to be happy
But no one can guess
That Im completely devestated
As I watch happy people walk by
Why me
Why do I have to be the one to cry
He was all I wanted
Why did he have to go
But I have to keep it a secret
I can never let it show
For a very good reason:
I dont know what he would say
If he finds out
That I still love him in everyway

~i LiKe hIm~

If only he knew
the way i felt about him
then maybe, just maybe
he’d feel the same way

His gorgeous smile
And beautiful eyes
They make me grin
In a marvelous whim

In my head
He’s always there
On my mind
He never leaves

My thoughts are thinking
That maybe someday
He’ll look at me
Say I love you

I’ll look at him
Straight in the eyes and say
I’ve been waiting to hear that
And say it right back

~aFaR LoVe~

I’m in love with a guy I can only call a friend

We had something once

it did not last long

but it was all I needed to fall

Now I sit on the side line

Watching him in love with someone else

I see how he loves her and I understand

Its like how I love him ….. unconditionally

But it gets so hard when I see him

when I talk to him

why does it have to be so hard

Sometimes I wonder if he knows that I still

love him

that I will be here no matter what

no matter how much it will hurt me

Even when she will break his heart

I will be here to comfort him ….. as his

loving him …… from afar

~toRn iN beTweEn tHe tWo~

I really don’t want to hurt neither of you

But I’ve realized that I’m torn in between the two

He does things that you don’t do

He says things that you won’t say too

But you fill places that he can’t reach

You’re the one that makes me loose my speech

He makes me smile

You make me laugh

But it’s only one of you I can have

It’s just so hard to choose which one

Who I smile the most with, and have the most fun

Who treats me like a lady, and shows me R-E-S-P-E-C-T