Monday, December 8, 2008

~seCreT sHadoW~

There you’re pretending not to care, oh if like you don’t notice me standing there. With my hand out and my heart waiting, for your love I am becoming impatience.

Teasing me with your presents, let me see life without a heaven. There you’re saying we could never work, making me know what you were really worth.

Memories don’t fade and for your touch this absent heart waits. Trying not to show you it in pain, feeling abandon in left out in the rain.

True you may not know me but I know you, I that shadow that keep on following you, knowing your dos and don’ts, but yet even sometime a shadow feels alone.

Watching you give your heart to others, loving you even when your giving comfort to another. I guess you don’t see these tears, maybe you do but your conscience allow you ignore how much I need you.

When I am sleep you’re in my dreams needing me just the same, kissing me like have kiss no others holding on to me like a child holds on to their mother. Making the stars shine brighter making the load that life offer seems a little lighter .

Oh how I wish that dreams didn’t have to end, because only in them you see me as more than a friend. You would’ve notice that have change my hair, and this silly red lipstick that my lips wear. Oh how I like to play the blues, and nibble at my food to leaner the time I have with you.

There you’re pretending not to care, oh how I wish you would notice me there, maybe one day you will fall on your shadow, and look back down it’s me, and say shadow I love you and thanks for following me .

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