Monday, December 8, 2008

biT mY toNguE

I catch myself about to say
how much I love you and I bit my tongue
because I know it’s to soon
to feel that strongly but I some how do.

I just want you to talk to me talk to me talk to me
again & again, I just want it to never end
I miss you every singe moment your away
I wish I could be at your side every day

I listen to that song over & over again because of you
you are the reason for some much in my life
for all this little things i do to remind myself of you
not that I could ever really stop thinking of you
your always in the back of my mind
you will be there till the day I die, till the end of time

I bit my tongue and I decided not to say it yet
I know its to soon to say
I feel that strongly about you yet
instead I just set as close as I can to you
you run your hand up my leg
till the chair edge gets in you way

but before you had to stop there I had to bit my tongue
to keep from telling you every thing to wanted to
but one day when the time is right
when its know longer to soon
ill tell you everything I want to hear from you today.

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