Monday, December 24, 2012

Congratulation Puan Fatin Nur 'Aisyah & Encik Khairul Jafni


Hello readers :) Long time no see huh? Well, I'm quite busy lately.. As all of you know, life as a chambering student are quite hectic and miserable.. On weekdays, please please please do not disturb me except for urgent matter.. hehe.. Ok, my 'gedikness' dah mai dah.. :p

Now, my entry for today... It is regarding my beloved best friend's wedding.. Mr Jafni + Mrs Jafni.. Ateen and Jafni got married on the Saturday, 22/12/2012.. I'm so delighted with them as they already fall in love since they were form 1 (2001).. How many years huh? 11 years.. Wow!! so wondrous!!

I met Ateen since we were in Matric (2006).. She was the first person I spoke with and I remembered that her voice was so cute and sweet.. Hehehe.. She was my roomate and indirectly became my best friend.. During Ta'aruf week (orientation week), she was the only person who always comfort and coax me as I was really miss my home at that particular time.. Me homesick?? Indeed!!! Saya rindu family dan rumah saya masa tu.. :'(

But, Ateen always remind me of my future and my parents.. She said that I need to repay back all my parents' sacrifices. She was the one apart my mom who gave me spirit, passion and enthusiasm until I'm here at this point.. Tq darling..

I pray for your happiness and joy.. Hope you and your partner will enduring until Jannah.. Ameen..

Sedih lah pulak kau dah kahwin.. Sob sob... Love you so much.. 


At Aroma Cafe..

Sepa team.. :)


Congrats Jafni & ateen :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Freaky Friday

Ct sila doakan Mama and Papa murah rezeki and berbahagia selalu ok.. 
Sayang ct so much.. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ateen Aisyah E-day


Hari ini tak nak bebel panjang-panjang, cuma nak share gambar best friend kesayangan saya punya pertunangan sahaja.. Ateen dah selamat bertunang pada 21 Ogos 2012.. Sorry Ateen, baru harini aku sempat upload (padahal sabtu ni kau dah nak nikah dah kan..) sob - sob.. Sedihnya, aku dah tak boleh nak hang out selalu dah dengan kau.. Tak boleh keluar lewat - lewat malam lagi.. :'( Apa - apa pun, tahniah sayang..

Jom tengok gambar - gambar Ateen bertunang :)

My C-Day!!

Yehaaa!! I'm officially an IIUM law graduates.. Yippi.. Can't say how happy I am to be graduated from a super famous Law school in Malaysia - International Islamic University of Malaysia.. At this point, many people asked me what do I feel as I'm one from hundreds of law graduates.. Well, what I can say is, for sure proud and feel very very very satisfied with myself as I've already fulfilled my parents' dream to have at least a lawyer in the house. (dah macam buku Tun Dr. Mahathir kan " A Doctor in the House" hehe.. :p)
Ok, for now, I will not elaborate further what I fell bla bla bla.. I only want to share a few of my convocation's picture.. Check it out!!

 Me after getting the scroll.. Why my expression so sad huh? Don't have any answer.. =.="

 So damn happy and not to forget, NERVOUS!!!

 Wink - wink.. Happy oooo..

 My BFF and me.. :) Love you Laling..

 Its me weyh!!!

 My Lovely + Beloved parents..

 My gorgeous sisters..

 Love strikes..

 Along and me..


 Ateen ucuk-ucuk..

 Aten ucuk-ucuk + Moommmmaaaa

 Hot stuffs.. Isn't it?? hahahaha

Guess who?? :)
Ok, that's all folks.. Till then.. Thank you for reading.. err, viewing :)