Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My C-Day!!

Yehaaa!! I'm officially an IIUM law graduates.. Yippi.. Can't say how happy I am to be graduated from a super famous Law school in Malaysia - International Islamic University of Malaysia.. At this point, many people asked me what do I feel as I'm one from hundreds of law graduates.. Well, what I can say is, for sure proud and feel very very very satisfied with myself as I've already fulfilled my parents' dream to have at least a lawyer in the house. (dah macam buku Tun Dr. Mahathir kan " A Doctor in the House" hehe.. :p)
Ok, for now, I will not elaborate further what I fell bla bla bla.. I only want to share a few of my convocation's picture.. Check it out!!

 Me after getting the scroll.. Why my expression so sad huh? Don't have any answer.. =.="

 So damn happy and not to forget, NERVOUS!!!

 Wink - wink.. Happy oooo..

 My BFF and me.. :) Love you Laling..

 Its me weyh!!!

 My Lovely + Beloved parents..

 My gorgeous sisters..

 Love strikes..

 Along and me..


 Ateen ucuk-ucuk..

 Aten ucuk-ucuk + Moommmmaaaa

 Hot stuffs.. Isn't it?? hahahaha

Guess who?? :)
Ok, that's all folks.. Till then.. Thank you for reading.. err, viewing :)

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