Monday, December 24, 2012

Congratulation Puan Fatin Nur 'Aisyah & Encik Khairul Jafni


Hello readers :) Long time no see huh? Well, I'm quite busy lately.. As all of you know, life as a chambering student are quite hectic and miserable.. On weekdays, please please please do not disturb me except for urgent matter.. hehe.. Ok, my 'gedikness' dah mai dah.. :p

Now, my entry for today... It is regarding my beloved best friend's wedding.. Mr Jafni + Mrs Jafni.. Ateen and Jafni got married on the Saturday, 22/12/2012.. I'm so delighted with them as they already fall in love since they were form 1 (2001).. How many years huh? 11 years.. Wow!! so wondrous!!

I met Ateen since we were in Matric (2006).. She was the first person I spoke with and I remembered that her voice was so cute and sweet.. Hehehe.. She was my roomate and indirectly became my best friend.. During Ta'aruf week (orientation week), she was the only person who always comfort and coax me as I was really miss my home at that particular time.. Me homesick?? Indeed!!! Saya rindu family dan rumah saya masa tu.. :'(

But, Ateen always remind me of my future and my parents.. She said that I need to repay back all my parents' sacrifices. She was the one apart my mom who gave me spirit, passion and enthusiasm until I'm here at this point.. Tq darling..

I pray for your happiness and joy.. Hope you and your partner will enduring until Jannah.. Ameen..

Sedih lah pulak kau dah kahwin.. Sob sob... Love you so much.. 


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Sepa team.. :)


Congrats Jafni & ateen :)

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