Friday, April 16, 2010

a girL's smiLes

This girl she's crying inside
But everyone see is smiles
This girl she's hurting inside
She lived like this for quite a while
Always hiding her pain inside
She won't ruin everyone's smile
This girl she's breaking down inside
But all she does is smile...

Through those eyes deep inside
Holds a lot of misery
Playing pictures from her mind
Showing her past, her history

She doesn't want to remember
But the pictures continues to play...
Every night she prays
Wishing them away

But this girl lies with her laugh
And hides behind her smile
So no one can see her pain,
Her past, her denials

This girl she's dying inside
Although no one may see her pain,
Just continues to smile bright
From day to everyday

This girl whom I love so deep
Cries behind her eyes
But everyone ever see
Is blinded with a lie...
With her beautiful smile she gives
For everyone to see
Anyone and everyone
Anyone but me.

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