Monday, July 9, 2012

-no tittle -

Am I too childish?
Am I too stubborn?
Am I too ugly?
Am I too weird?
Am I not mature enough?

Am I too hard to be believed?
Or I'm the one who not believing in myself?
The inferiority feeling is killing me softly.
Am I to difficult to be loved by someone who i really love?

Am I too harsh?
Am I too stupid?
Too stupid that I broke others heart again and again?

Is it wrong for me not to burden anyone?
Is it wrong for me to ease the burden of someone who I really love?
Is it wrong??

So many question bewildered in my own realm..
I'm lost in my own kingdom..

The answers are yes yes yes and yes!
I'm too stupid..
I'm not qualified to be loved..
I'm a heart breaker..

My life are ment to make others miserable.
My life is not a fairytale which have an happy ending..

I want to quit from being a human..
I'm too tired to handle this issue alone..
I have a dark gloomy future..
I rest my case...

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