Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Items in Collections

Hello Reader!
New items added in my collections. Come and visit my facebook fanpage. at www.facebook.com/handmadefeltcrafts

 Photobooth Props.

 Handphone's backcover.

 Cute Sweety Little flower.

 babty cot's mobile

 Domo kun bag tag.

 Minions plush toy.

 Emoticons' keychain.

 Lovely car charm.

 Baby cot's mobile.

 Sweety door charm.

Lucky charm.
For more items, kindly visit my fb fanpage! Thank you for reading. :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, wow! You are really talented! And very innovative.
Love the colours and cute handicrafts.
This is certainly designer brand, yours.
Have fun.

NJihe.am said...

Salam singgah, jemput segmen: novel diagnosis, header, topup,
vector art, tudung bawal untuk dimenangi..